Trade or DIE.

3,333 NFTs that start dying the second they come to life.

Mint your 3D2L NFT & let the games begin.

3,333 of 3,333 available
0.01 ETH per 3D2L NFT
The Great Experiment

The Final 333 Survivors will be immortalized in the Final Collection. Holders of the Final 333 NFTs will be rewarded with a White List spot for the next iteration/game & Project

The Survival Bunker can only hold 333 Survivors at one time. Trading an Infected Survivor will place it in the Survival Bunker at the front of the queue (burn countdown removed) & the last Survivor in the Survival Bunker queue will be pushed back into the Toxic Contagion Cloud

The remaining 3000 Survivors will be left outside the safe Bunker & exposed to the Toxic Contagion Cloud & their Countdown Burn Timers started

There are a total of 3,333 Survivors that can be minted. The first 333 NFTs minted will be automatically added to the Survival Bunker

Once infected by The Contagion Cloud, An Automatic Burn Timer will be applied to your Survivor(NFT) & begin an on-chain countdown. After 72 Hours your Survivor will die & be purged

Trading an Infected Survivor will automatically place the Infected Survivor back in the Survival Bunker & remove their Burn Countdown Timer

Trade. Survive or BURN.

3DAYS2LIVE is a blockchain gamified social experiment created by two DeFI OG's - FATTYBAGZ & THEMACHINIST

Our goal is to continue to create advanced innovative contracts on the Polygon Blockhain with the goal of advancing the current NFT Gaming Meta.

It is very important to under stand that the Lore & Art of this project are not intended to be the main focal point. 3D2L is an experiment in blockchain gamification tech. It’s what’s under the hood that is key here.

The Art & Lore can be swapped/retrofitted to match any project in the space, while the underlying tech & innovation potentially achieve similar outcomes.

Again, this is an experiment. Neither myself (FattyBagz) or The Machinist have any idea of how this will play out. What we do know is that we’ve developed one of the most advanced and innovative contracts to hit the market to date with the hopes of encouraging further innovation in the NFT/Web3 space.


We have the answers..
What is 3Days2Live? (LORE)
The Game Mechanics (HOW IT WORKS)
The Underlying Tech (BEEP BOOP)
The Psychological Mechanics (INTENTION)